May. 27, 2021

Our Compensation Policy Regarding Unauthorized Use of the Money Transfer Service & Requests Towards Customers

Thank you very much for using our company’s service.

Recently, it has become a social issue that malicious third parties illegally acquire account information, etc. and cause damages by illegally depositing and sending funds through money transfer services.
Although our company does not currently have any such cases, in order to ensure safe service environment for our customers, we decided to compensate for loss in accordance with the nature of the loss. However, if there is customer’s negligence, the amount of compensation shall be decided in consideration of the behavior as well as the circumstances. In determining the amount of compensation, we will refer to the Depositor Protection Act and the JBA agreement regarding response to illicit deposit withdrawals via stolen passbooks, etc. (“JBA Releases Measure on Illicit Deposit Withdrawals”, February 19th, 2008)

Compensation target:
Fraudulent transaction due to unauthorized use of account information stolen/defrauded by a third party. Customers need to claim within 30 days of the occurrence of the fraudulent transaction

Compensation procedure:
If there is a possibility of a fraudulent transaction, please report it to the contact below.

Our company’s customer support center (

Although our company will not announce each fraudulent transaction in detail, we will immediately make announcement and warning toward customers if we judge that the fraudulent transaction can damage wide range of customers (ex. phishing scam)

Our requests towards customers:
・Please do not keep information such as your password or PIN code in a way that others can freely use your device or reach your information
・Please do not inform others of your account information, such as your password, or keep your account information attached on your device surface.

Published on May 1st, 2021
Replaced on May 27th, 2021
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