May. 15, 2023

[Important] To all Sendy customers using the Facebook login method or the Apple ID login method

Thank you for using Sendy.

Sendy plans to discontinue Facebook login method function and AppleID login method function as a way to login to Sendy.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but if you have set your Sendy account login method to " Log in with Facebook" or " Log in with Apple", please change your login method to login with email address.

■How to change login method to email address login
 1. Launch Sendy
 2. Login
 3. Open My Page
 4. Select “Settings”
 5. Select “Change Login Method”
 6. On the “Login Method Settings” screen, select “Login with email address”
 7. On the “Password” screen, enter “Password” and “Confirm password”
 8. Login with email adrress settings complete

In addition, you can set up a passcode along with the "Email Address Login" to make it easier to log in next time. The passcode can be set from the "My Page" in the app.

Thank you for your understanding.