Mar. 25, 2024

【Important】March 28th (Thrusday) ~ March 29th (Friday) Notice regarding remittances to Philippines during Philippines national holidays

Thank you for always using Sendy.

Due to national holiday in the Philippines, the remittance arrival date will be changed as follows.
Please note that the remittance might take more time than usual to arrive in the receiver’s bank account.

■The remittance transaction sent between March 27th (Wednesday) 14:30 until March 31st (Sunday) will be processed on and after April 1st (Monday) in order of the money transfer request.

※Due to the long holiday, the remittance transaction procedures that are scheduled to take place after April 1st (Monday) might require more times to be processed.

※Our parent company, Seven Bank, Ltd., has completed the transfer of all shares of our company to Digital Wallet Corporation. As a result, the remittance service will be suspended on March 31, 2024 (Sunday), and all Sendy services will be terminated on April 1, 2024. Sendy will handle customer inquiries related the status of remittance transactions, and other matters until April 1, 2024. From April 2, 2024 onwards, Digital Wallet Corporation will handle all such matters.
In addition, any refunds arising from international remittance transactions on March 30, 2024, or later will be paid back to customers by Digital Wallet Corporation. The method for such refunds will be notified to customers by Digital Wallet Corporation.

We appreciate your understanding.