Privacy Policy

Joint use of Personal Data

As indicated below, Seven Bank group entities may jointly use personal information and transaction data of an individual, mainly financial services for foreign nationals collected through the service provided to foreign nationals. (Please note all information collected through ACSiON, Ltd. Will not be shared with other group entities.)

Personal Data items that may be jointly used

  • ①Personal information
    Name, age, date of birth, address, telephone number, email address, occupation, family member, housing information, purpose of transaction, identification number of license or other identification documents, information on device and browser used, nationality, residence status, period of stay, etc.
  • ②Contract information
    Type of contract, contract date, date of application, name of product and service, expiry date, available credit limit, payment method, and numbers necessary to manage the contract
  • ③Transaction information
    Balance, transaction amount, account history, payment status, and other items related to transaction
  • ④Credit information
    Income, asset, amount of debt, status of borrowing, credit history, and other information to make credit decision and conduct necessary credit risk management (but not including the information obtained from personal credit information agencies)

Scope of joint users

All Seven Bank group entities listed on the website below, but not including overseas subsidiary.
Please note that joint user may change from time to time.

Purpose of joint use

  • ①To research and make analysis of transaction data, and to check eligibility for using products and services
  • ②For development and planning of products and services
  • ③To formulate marketing plans to promote product and services, delivery of prizes, etc.
  • ④For credit decisions, credit risk management, debt collection, and other matters related to credit matters
  • ⑤To respond to inquiries

Controller of Personal Data

Seven Bank, Ltd.
Address: 1-6-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Name of representative: Matsuhashi masaaki