Feb. 02, 2024

[Important] February 9th (Friday) Notice regarding remittances to the Philippines due to the Philippine holiday

Thank you for always using Sendy.

Due to holidays in the Philippines, the expected arrival dates will be changed as following.
Please be aware that it may take longer than usual for the remittances to be received by the receivers.

Philippine holidays: 2024/2/9 (Friday) - 2024/2/10 (Saturday)

■If the remittance amount is larger than 50,000.01 PHP,
Transactions sent between February 8th (Thursday) 14:30 and February 11th (Sunday) will be processed sequentially after February 12th (Monday) onwards.

■If the remittance amount is less or equal to 50,000.00PHP,
Transactions sent from February 9th (Friday) to February 11th (Sunday) will be processed sequentially from February 12th (Monday) onwards.

*Please note that the above dates are tentative and the date of payment may be delayed depending on the circumstances of the receiving bank in Philippines.